Monday, September 29, 2008

Its Official...Football Season is Here

If the networks' programming of back-to-back and side-to-side football games wasn't a big enough clue for me, my Texas daughter sent me pictures of two of my grandsons playing football. (What's the equivalent for Little League when its football? Anyone know?) Isaiah and Joshua are both playing but in different age groups. Don't quote me but I think Isaiah is 11 and that would make Joshua 9. (and I say "Texas daughter" to identify her as the one who moved to Texas with her family.)


"I Got IT.... Here IT Comes.... I Got It.... "


"OOOFFFFFF..... Uh HuH, I'm de Man... I GOT IT, I GOT IT!!"
She (my Texas daughter) said Isaiah made at least three major plays during the game. Oh. And they won.


This is Joshua... the one on the left looking like he's about to take off. Mom wasn't very impressed with this game. (She'll want to go in there and fix it. She'll volunteer her husband to coach it and then tell him about it later. hahahahaha) It was just a big swarm of kids with no visible organization. Apparently some people thinks its a coaching problem. (If you wanna get out of coaching football, do a poor job of it. You'll be done with that chore in no time. And you won't be asked to do it again. Smart guy.)

She was very proud of them and so am I. Go Team!! Go Boys!! (even I know ya put the team first.)

I'm surprised, however, that Joshua is playing football. Here is a kid who is a serious neat freak. A neat freak from the start! After birth, as soon as he was able to differentiate between a dry diaper and a wet one, you would always know when he needed to be changed. He'd make sure you knew!! And potty training was a snap. There was no training. Joshua did not want any poop on him!!!! He'd have a fit when he took a dump. As soon as he connected with toilet sitting and how you could flush everything away, he was trained. As soon as the light bulb went off.... ya didn't have to worry about Joshua. You just needed to be ready to wipe his butt at least ten times. It has to sparkle! So that's why I'm a little surprised that Joshua is doing football. I sure hope he wants to do it and not just doing it to be dad's little man.

(Mom and pop are into the bible, could you tell? The names, I mean. Isaiah and Joshua. Ya know... and Isaiah is not a particularly easy name to spell if you've never had it in your face all your life. It took me forever. I still have to stop and make sure I've gotten it right.)
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Sandy said...

Great seeing the pics of your football players and nice reading some about your grandsons. They look pretty cool out there on the field.

Interesting reading about Joshua being such a neat freak. Maybe he carries wet wipes in his pocket to clean his hands off.

Nice post to read today...I bet you're proud of them..