Friday, September 26, 2008

Did You Watch the First Debate?

I did, but apparently there were two different debates held. Those backing McCain watched one debate and those backing Obama saw a different one.... at least it seems that way listening to the people reviewing it afterwards.

I thought McCain look old and fragile.

Well.... we each saw what we saw. That's the way different perspectives work.


Sandy said...

I watched the debate and wasn't impressed by either one of them.

Somehow they failed to inspire me that they mouthed anything new other than the same old party line rhetoric.

nothing new there...

Leanne said...

I watched it - and I saw both sides. I saw how people could back Obama, and I saw how people could prefer McCain. McCain is far better versed in international politics where Obama is an idealist who really thinks and believes peace can be found through talking with people who will cut off your hand if you take an apple off a cart at a street market. I was not impressed that Obama is mixing words and making up a new language that people, globally, will not understand his intent. (Preconditions are FAR different from preparations.) I was angered that Obama threatened Pakistan with military action before he even won the election - is he so naive to think that Pakistani's weren't watching the debate? Obama didn't answer anything directly and McCain didn't elaborate where he should have to better explain himself to people who back Obama (re tax relief for the wealthy - McCain proposes a flat tax reduction across the board, why should the wealthy pay more? They worked just as hard to get where they are - but he allows everyone to think that the wealthy will get the biggest break - simple math says that 10% of a million is more than 10% of 100,000 - and he needs to address that). Neither of them impressed me either and I was quite annoyed that they said "these are your two choices for president" because really, there are a few more people on the ballot that they fail to mention.

The Crusty Crone said...

Leanne, I get the impression, as subtle as it may be, that you are tired of paying so much in taxes. And I get the impression you think you will pay less taxes if McCain is president.
Since revenue is needed, I think you are paying for the tax cut to the wealthy, but I'm assuming you make less than $250,000 a year. Pardon me if my assumptions are wrong. If you make less, your taxes should decrease... although to be honest I doubt that either of them can lower taxes since we are on the edge of financial ruin.

Although I can see why the candidates may not be able to get down to the nitty gritty details until they get into office and find out more, I thought Obama shared more specific information than McCain did. (And I didn't care for how McCain tried to manipulate emotions. Being a POW doesn't make one qualified. It only means you got caught. Once caught you didn't have a choice of whether to stay or leave.)

I am also worried about McCain's "fly by the seat of your pants" mentality when making decisions, as evidenced by selecting Palin and by his trying to rule the debate by not showing up. Maybe the next debates will be better.... but right now I just can't see McCain standing up to Putin or backing down Korea's little king.

I'm really looking forward to the vice presidential debates. That should make for interesting entertainment. I struggle when listening to Palin because for all the words she puts out, they aren't saying anything. I suppose if Biding does better, folks will accuse others of being sexist. "Stop picking on her!" Have you watched Palin and McCain together? McCain follows her like a lost puppy while she strides right up to center stage. She looks like she could walk all over him. But hold on to your hat... I know that these tiny little public clips don't tell the story. He could be a real bastard behind the scenes. I surely don't know.

I Am said...

Well actually McCain did have a choice as to stay or leave while a POW, and he chose to stay with his comrades instead of leaving because he knew they would use his leaving as propaganda. So it was a choice on his part and a brave one too considering that they broke every bone in his body in those 5 and half years... Choosing to stay, when he could have saved himself and left that hell whole is what makes him a hero in my eyes.

As far as taxing people who make over 250 thousand a year. I know lots of people who make over that. And that isn't that much money these days. And what will happen when they start getting taxed more is they will stop spending as much, they will lay off people they now have hired. From yard workers, to going out to eat as much to going on vacations. A lot of these people who make that much are small business owners, who on paper, it looks like they are doing well, but they are putting that money back into their business and there is not that much left over in profits... Like my ex son in law. He makes over 250 thousand per year, and that allows him to hire two people in his shop. But as soon as he has to pay more taxes he says he will be forced to lay off his help and do the work himself... So things are not always as they appear.

Leanne said...

Actually - I'd like to see taxes reduced across the board, and I do not want to see those making more than $250k a year having to carry those of us who make less than that - it is NOT their responsibility to pay more because they make more. I believe the Government wastes taxpayer money on programs. Programs here, programs there, throwing money into programs doesn't help the economy. Enabling someone to stay on welfare, collect social security early, use food stamps - that's just wrong. That isn't helping anyone get a job, that's helping them avoid getting a job as long as possible. And then, to say that those making the most money should further enable this broken system - it's just wrong. I believe Obama's plan is to put more burdens on higher income families, I believe his plan will crush small businesses and cause hundreds of thousands of jobs to be lost because those business won't be able to afford to pay their employees, let alone support this new healthcare program he has in mind - another program, more money. We need to cut programs, cut funding to wasteful areas, and wisely invest in small businesses. 85 billion dollars would be better spent split among American families, THAT would boost the economy and get the housing market back on track. I want someone in office who thinks "how can I give America back to the people". Not "how can I make more programs to force (what I believe are) improvements down people's throats and also, make those rich people pay for it." The government should not be this overbearing system, DC should be a place where laws are made to protect the people, and their involvement in our lives should be minimal. Those invasive laws should be left to States, then people have the option to move to the state that best suits their individual preferences.

That's my idea of perfect government, anyway. (Thanks for letting me get that out, though I wonder how much sense it makes?!?!)

Anonymous said...

Well actually Leanne it made a lot of sense to me, we think alike when it comes to this... One example was the luxury tax Clinton came up with, their thought was put a tax on the rich's toy's like yachts, the result were the rich stopped buying these kinds of toys like the yachts and many yacht makers closed up shop for lack of sells and many people lost jobs... It always works that way.

Miss P

The Crusty Crone said...

We had a good exchange of opinions. We each see things from our own personal perspective and that is how it should be. We each got a chance to share our views. And we are all astute enough to know none of us will ever change the mind of another. hahahaha

What I can say is that we probably all hope that the best person for the job get it, who ever that may be.

Rudee said...

Luckily, I missed it. I was waiting on 3,100 walkers with sore feet and joints. My mind is set and I don't need to really watch more. In fact, I may just watch nothing but chick flicks and comedies from now until November. Wake me when it's over. These folks are on my last nerve and I'm trying to preserve my feel good weekend.