Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ethics? I Don't Need No Stinking Ethics! I'm Likable.


Anonymous said...

Apparently no one has sent you the memo... MSNBC is an open liberal left wing bias news station that regularly say things that are not true. And that isn't just an opinion of mine, its openly known and talked about on other news stations.

You can check out a lot of these so called facts they uses at Like banning books and a lot of others stuff that has been going around the internet, its a smear campaign...

The Crusty Crone said...

I don't believe its a smear campaign. Not all of it. And MSNBC is clearly liberal. An idiot could discern it without having to be told. And liberal is not a four letter word.

To be clear, I don't watch MSNBC on TV... I check out Olbermann on youtube every once in a while.

I've read that Palin did fire the librarian, but there was such an uproar from the public she was reinstated. After a while she quit because it was just too difficult working under Palin. And that cook she fired.... she didn't fire the cook. She gave her a new title, and I assume more money, but the woman kept cookiing. All information that must still be verified, I suppose. But like the GOP strategist stated... 'facts aren't important.'

On the network news (not FOX) it was stated that Palin received per diem money for staying at her own home. She doesn't like to work out of the governor's office so she has another office in a different town. The legislators started wearing yellow pins saying "Where's Sarah" because she wasn't there working with them.

You do realize that Palin is also under investigation for abuse of power, right?

I only hope we get some verified information before voting. If I have to have egg on my face that will be fine... as long as the truth comes out. If I don't have egg on my face, then expect a few 'I tried to tell ya!!'

Please... please, whatever you do, please do some critical thinking on your own. Don't just follow the sheep. They sometimes fall over the cliff.

Thank you for your comments.

The Crusty Crone said...

A PS... yet to be verified (because this is coming from a news broadcast), Palin believes rape victims should pay for their own rape kits at the hospital. Or put the other way, she doesn't think the investigators (government) should pay for them.

And her popularity might have something to do with every citizen getting $3200 any day now. Maybe I shouldn't point that out. Money has such a way of manipulating people's opinions.

Sandy said...

I've read both sides about Palin.

Of course, both sides use smear tactics and of course I think a person with any intelligence at ALL knows that and knows how to discern as best to their ability truth vs fiction. All it takes is a little sleuthing to begin to unravel as much as possible what this woman is all about.

How can anyone knowing the tools we have available for research, the internet, believe that they need to point out a smear campaign by left wing media. Who wouldn't know about that if you have a few marbles left in your head.

Rudee said...

I say let her out to speak. Or are they hiding behind the adage "it's better to be silent and thought dumb than to speak and remove all doubt?"

Governor Gump, hahahahahahaha.

The Crusty Crone said...

The couple of times a clip from her speaking would be shown on TV (and she's still talking about selling the plane on was listed on ebay, but that's not where it was sold) and McCain is with her, I like to watch his facial features. Sometimes he looks very uncomfortable or concern about what she might say. On the other hand, it might just be gas.

Sandy said...

"Sometimes he looks very uncomfortable or concern about what she might say. On the other hand, it might just be gas.


Rudee said...

Nonsense I say! He's looking at her ass and wondering if Bob Dole has any extra viagra.