Friday, August 15, 2008

The Wuss is Whining

Oh... My... Gawd!! Its so frigging HOT!!

It got up to 102 degrees yesterday. At 5:30am this morning it was 69/70 degrees... no way to cool down the apartment before the sun comes up. Speaking of the sun... its predicted to get up to 104 degrees today and the same tomorrow. On Sunday, if we're lucky, it will go back down to 90 degree weather. I'd snort, but I'm too hot.

When I stepped outside yesterday it felt like someone stuck an iron in my face. "HEY... YOU LEFT THE FRIGGING WRINKLES!!!" It felt like a 10 pound wool blanket was on me in a dry sauna. No oxygen in the air.

As soon as the sun comes up so will the temperature... and its going to be coming up within a few minutes. Summer is not my season.


Sandy said...

hahahah well even though you are melting and hot, your humor is intact...

hahahahahah. Gave me a good laugh today.

Oh I feel for you. We are dealing with the humidity plus the heat and as long as I don't do anything real physical outside it's not bad.

I'm still not having to turn on my air until evening to cool off the bedrooms a little.

I think I'm much more use to this than you.

cat's momma said...

I really feel for you, CC, but you made me laugh! We woke up to thunder this morning and some rain...but the thunder was so loud! I'd never heard it here before and was surprised how powerful it sounds...probably from reverberating off the hills that surround the area. Some actual sprinkles too.

That feeling of no oxygen in the air...ugh, that is so miserable!!

BJ said...

CC - I have to agree....your humor is just the best! I love it!

I feel for you during those horrendus temperature peaks. I can't stand the heat & humidity. I will forgo anything that involves going outside. I don't care! I will not subject myself to misery. Air conditioning is my "best friend". I love it...I need it....I'm gonna use it.

I Am said...

I think if I didn't have air conditioning I would spend the afternoon at the mall just sitting on a bench sucking up their air...