Friday, August 29, 2008

How the Tune Has Changed... or WTF?

Is it a shoe-in for the democrates? Has McCain sealed his fate or has destiny simply taken the wheel?

For a while I have had the feeling that McCain, deep in his heart, does not really want to be president of the United States. I think the republican big-wigs put pressure on him to run because they couldn't find anyone else who could withstand the close scrutiny that comes with campaigning.

And now McCain, or his campaign committee, has chosen a no-name, a no experienced female to be his vice president. Can you say "WTF?!"

What does this say to the republican argument that Obama doesn't have enough experience... Sarah Palin has been Alaska's governor for two years. Prior to that she was on the city council. Where's the experience in that? A move to the female in an attempt to garner all the females who voted for Hillary? No doubt.

When someone says McCain has served his country in the armed forces, I want to scream well what does that mean.... junior didn't serve at all!!

Prediction: Obama is, indeed, a shoe-in. I just hope Bidden doesn't have to end up serving as president.

Post Script: I just went to check my stats to make sure my visits weren't being counted and I noticed someone from "Talk America" visited this entry. Probably gathering information about people's responses to Palin. Checking blogs is a great way of getting feedback. Kewl Idea. Oh, and by the way... Palin has a small controversy going on... seems she tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired. He's a cop. She'll fit nicely into the republican agenda.. you know, personal influence and stuff.

added later: on the other hand, it was a risky choice but who knows... it just might work. (there... I think I've covered both sides of the issue.)

PPS: ooops. Apparently Talk America is a telephone company who ripsoff people, at least according to google searches.

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