Saturday, August 16, 2008


WTF?!?! On the local news they said to expect the price of gasoline to go up again because the oil refineries are cutting back on production. Why? Because their profit margins are declining. Their BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars in profit aren't enough?

If the feds don't jump in here and put some stinking regulations on the oil industry ALL OF THEM NEED TO ... well, I better not say outloud. Home Land Security doncha know.

Did you see the interview with the big Shell Oil honcho? When asked about the huge profit margins his answer was that all the numbers associated with oil products are big. Cost of business is huge so profit margins are huge. That was suppose to be an acceptable answer. Can you say WTF? again!!

How can those people be so greedy? My gawd, is there no limit?

(and if one more politician tells us to cut back on driving to solve the problem I'm going to scream!!)


cat's momma said...

Yeah, I can say WTF again and again and again and again and again......

Sandy said...

screw them all!

BJ said...

Yeah.....screw them all! Rat bastards!