Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're Having a Heat Wave

PhotobucketIn lieu of something new to show I thought I'd recycle this frog through again. Frog. Water. Coolness.

We're in for a week of heat with the chance of getting up to or over 100 degrees. I got a running headstart yesterday. I was able to get the apt. cold yesterday morning and it lasted for most of the day. It wasn't cool enough over night to do it again. Its pretty darn hot all over.

oh gawd... I'm talking weather again.

Darius spent the night and I'm not sure if he will stay another night or not. Its a lot easier with just one grandson. (The other one is staying else where.) Although Darius might not agree... it gets a little boring at times for him.

This is so boring but its all I've got right now. Hope you have a good day.


Wanda said...

It hot here too, but your cool little frosted frog made me feel a little cooler!!

Sandy said...

I read where you are really hot there...and it's always a little hotter watching the kids when a heat wave is moving through.