Friday, August 29, 2008

Living Through History

 After listening to Obama's acceptance speech (did it seem to last forever to you? with him often repeating things?) I found myself thinking about all the notes of history that I've been around to observe. (The order may not be accurate, but that's memory for ya.)

"I Like Ike"... Dwight Eisenhower as president. I remember him being president, but not much else. I was in grade school and politics did not interest me.

Surprise.... The Vatican did not end up running the United States after John F. Kennedy became president. I remember my mother, in her own personal bitterness, ragging about the pope running the country and that she didn't want to pay more taxes.

Police killing Kent State students.

China killing student demonstrators. The lone Chinese student standing in front of the row of tanks and bringing them to a halt. What a shocker that was!!

Viet Nam war and protests. Hippies. Pot. Flower Power. Woodstock.

Man goes to the moon and returns... and lives to tell about it. (00)

The murders of civil rights workers. The bombing of the church and murder of children.

Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy. (I was embarrassed for her. She was clearly under the influence of something.) MM overdosing. (I'm not sold on it being accidental. People kill in the name of politics and MM was a loose cannon.)

The murder of President Kennedy. WTF?! Then the murder of Oswald. I'm sure Ruby was given the hit to carry out so Oswald couldn't talk.

The murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

The murder of Malcom X.

The murder of Robert Kennedy.

So many many murders. Its worrisome.

There is much more in my memory banks, but that's it for now. What are some of the historical highlights you remember?
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Sandy said...

Well top of the list is JFK and

I didn't watch any of the DNC and I probably won't watch the RNC.

I am too disillusioned and cannot believe for a moment, that anybody other than who The Powers That Be want to be present, will win.

But that's just me, totally skeptical.

Sandy said...
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The Crusty Crone said...

Our voting seems like a tremendous waste of time and energy since the delegates are the ones who vote a president into office. I suppose our voting is just a very expensive poll.

Sue J said...

I can remember when we were'nt all up to our necks in plastic bags and other plastic crap. Groceries were weighed out and put into paper bags and mothers actually washed their babies nappies (diapers)......... and no, I didn't ride a pennyfarthing when I was a kid :)) It's not so long ago.
Not really a historical highlight I suppose, but there's an awful lot of change happened in the last 50 years! But (you should never start a sentence with but) I suppose it's the same for every generation.