Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who Ate My Damn Cookies!!

I've tried several times to post an entry via Picasa2 and failed. Something about my cookies not set right. I tried to follow instructions, but it didn't work and I'm already on too short a leash. I'll try later. So... did ya'll survive another Friday the 13th?

I'm watching the boys today. They spent the night. Mom is working and didn't have anyone to look after the little 'sweethearts'. Oh crap, Darius is beating up Vyron. Gotta go.

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cat's momma said...

Maybe it's a problem with Picasa? I've definitely had problems before but mainly with Blogger.

I survived the 13th just fine, I guess because I didn't realize what the date was. I tend not to know what date it is anymore, and sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what day it is. It's so different not having a tightly programmed life revolving around work schedules and driving times!