Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is It Raining? Or Did You Just Spit On Me?

PhotobucketThis reflects the kind of day we are having around here. Rain. Lots of it. Most kids on vacation would say It Sucks! but its actually a good thing. Last I heard the snow level in the mountains was about 150% of normal/average. If it was sunny and warm all that melting snow would cause flooding.

I've currently got a pot of pinto beans steaming up my kitchen. I think its the perfect day for it. When they're almost done I'll slip in some cooked hamburger and a small can of tomato sauce. Once they've joined, I'll take the pot off the heat and let it sit for a while. That gives the different flavors a chance to meld together. (I wonder if I should put up a do-not-disturb sign while the flavors marry. hmmmm)

Its hit-or-miss with my beans, but I gotta say... when its a hit, oh be still my heart. Or tongue, as the case may be... Yummo! (I don't talk about the misses.)


Sandy said...

NICE newsy post and I enjoyed the photo of you rain.

got a kick out of your humor today ~~~~
(I wonder if I should put up a do-not-disturb sign while the flavors marry. hmmmm)

good one!

Sandy said...

p.s. that sounds good, that recipe. Some day you could put a pick up so we know what it looks like.

Sharon said...

Funny.......the marrying thing not the rain! I am SICK of the rain. We too are doing well with moisture and our snow pack is up so it's time for a little sun..... unfortunately all we'll see today is 45 degrees and endless precipitation.

Wanda said...

I didn't spit ~~~ it was a big sneeze ~~~~ Yummy beans --Do you have a big red onion to go along side?

I Am said...

Hey,,, Pinto's... yep, I think I should, its still nippy today, I've been loving this weather June and still cold... LOVE IT...

Pintos.. I put Cilantro and a bit of Comino in them... Better soak some tonight and cook um tomorrow... Thanks for the idea, its been a while since I have cooked a mess of beans... And I LOVE BEANS

Miss P