Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where Does The Time Go?

 I'm watching the boys today. Mom had to work and didn't have child care. I had forgotten how loud little boys can be.... the younger one seems to only know how to talk REALLY LOUDLY.

I finally got official notification that the IRS has snatched my stimulus payment from me. Its a relief to have it in writing, because just a little over a week ago I got a notice that the payment was coming. Coming. Not coming. Finally... an answer. And as sweet as it would have been to get a little extra cash, I would have just spent it on gas or some other luxury item. And it was nice to see my tax balance take a jump down. Besides, now I can hold my head high knowing I've paid my share to maintain our corrupt government. (LET POLICITIANS PARTAKE OF THE SAME RETIREMENT PROGRAMS THAT THE PEASANTS HAVE TO.... and that's all I'm saying about that. Gump me!)

Okay, Darius is beating up Vyron. Gotta go.

Later: I can't find my broom now. The boys were using my broom and mop for horses... then for something to stick under the bed to try to get that elusive toy way back in the corner. Sigh.
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cat's momma said...

What, you turn your back and Darius beats up Vyron? know I said that because that comment has shown up I think 3 times on your blog. You must've had trouble posting, huh.

I just read an article on the stimulus payments the other day. It definitely stated if you owed back taxes you got no check. It also says they're still working on getting the checks to people who are having direct deposits. Those of use who are waiting for a check in the mail will have to wait until late July. I, of course, spent mine already on the move, so it will be very welcome when it shows up.

The boys are looking slightly ornery in the picture you posted...devilish grins, etc. Hope you survive all the beatings going on...;)

I Am said...

MY GOD you got some cute boys there... I sure feel for ya when they hit their teens... Heartthrobs... And that ain't necessarily a good thing, (at least their not girls, WHEW!!! (grin)..