Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tasha Tudor, Children's Illustrations

I was watching Antiques Road Show and someone had brought in an original illustration of Tasha Tudor. The very small illustration was charming. The woman who had brought it in said she had met Ms. Tudor last year. She was taking a garden tour of Ms. Tudor's home and Ms. Tudor came out and folks got to meet her. The woman said Ms. Tudor looked fragile, but well.

She's currently 92 yrs old and I got the impression that she was still illustrating. That intriqued me so I googled her and got the above web site. It looks like the family is using the web to promote her and ah, other things. (Might as well use an opportunity, I say.)

For a fuller history, here is wikipedia's entry for her.


Wanda said...

"Charming" is a good word to discribe Tasha Tudor's illustrations.
Thanks for the link.

Sharon said...

Thank you for that. I had never heard of her before. What a gift to live a long healthy creative life like hers. Hopefully we will all be so lucky!