Friday, June 20, 2008

ohmygawd! Okay.... who just farted?!?!?!

From an news article:

"MIAMI - An uninvited passenger created a smelly situation on a plane in Miami.

American Airlines Flight 915 from Miami to Bogota, Colombia, was delayed Wednesday night after a skunk was found in the back of the cargo hold, discharging its foul odor throughout the aircraft, airline officials said."

The article says the plane took off two hours later. Ya know, its been my experience that you don't just get rid of shunk odor that quickly. I feel for those passengers.

I haven't had any direct confrontation with a shunk's odor, but I have driven by shunk road kill. The odor was overwhelming and seemed to want to linger in my mouth like forever. The closest I want to get to a shunk is in a cartoon. Have you ever had to deal with one?

We're going to be hot here today. Not hot like Southern California or Arizona, but hot enough. (around 90 degrees) I ran to the store this morning to get sandwich makings and to check out a digital converter box for the television. They were out of the cheapest ones and I refuse to spend more than $10. My tv is very very old and it could bite the bullet at any time. I've also been thinking about trying to reduce the amount of time I waste watching it, and this will certainly help me do that, come next February. (okay, okay... I've also been noodling getting a new tv. One of those nice thin jobs. One of the smaller sized ones. I'll be tucking away money into my savings account. After all, I have seven months to save. Don't laugh. It could happen.)


Sandy said...

I've had several run ins with skunks in the yard. The odor lasts forever and so strong. One of the dogs we had at one time had gotten sprayed and we had to keep her out until we could bathe her. You're right....the TV could happen...the new one....just keep inviting it in...

cat's momma said...

Add Central Coast of California to the heat that you're NOT having! OMG...I'm going to float away I've had so much water for three days.

Wanda said...

They do stink!!

So does the weather down here too. Today 105 ~~ stayed inside all day with gallons of ice tea and trips to the BR.

Tomorrow we celebrate Issac's first birthday at a Park !! Boy I hope there is shade !!!

Hope you get your TV soon!!

Travelling Goddess said...

Hahahahaha...ever been in a plane with someone who is having a "gas" who may have let their inside ferment for days????

Skunk might have smelled like perfume!!!!