Friday, June 06, 2008

Nothing In Particular

Lots of little things popped into my head this morning. Things that made me think oh...good for the blog. Of course now that I'm blogging they've all disappeared.

I came across a site called Gardening in Canada, and it made me think of a Canadian cyber-friend of mine who loves to garden, so I decided to post the link here. (pssst... you didn't hear this from me, but the site has two photo galleries, one of which is for gardens. I couldn't help but think it might come in handy if I needed a picture of a basket of veggies to draw. Know what I mean? Of course there's the ole 'get permission to use it', but really... isn't a squash just a squash no matter who took the picture? And yes, I will ask for permission when the time comes. You know what a procrastinator I am, so it may be unnecessary.)

I pulled an old CD off the shelf... Amazon Rain Forest. (The kind you find in a bin that screams "take this crap off my hands, PLEASE!".) Oh yuck... the case was so grimy. I don't just get dust around here. I/we get grimy dust...sticky and black. Its from living next to the freeway (and busy street.) I can only imagine what the lungs look like. (hold on... I need to go have a cigarette.)

Okay, the last comment in parens was just for effect.

I turned the tv off this morning. Its all a matter of habit and boy do I have a habit. We'll see how long I can hold out. Friday television pretty much sucks, anyway.

Enough of this yaking. Time to go do something. Anything.


Sandy said...

I went to the link and realized I use to go there a lot. I got it from (geez now I can't remember her name, but she writes great and goes to the kitchen table forums there.

thanks for the reminder that I like this place.

The Crusty Crone said...

You triggered my memory... I think I got this from the links listing at Tea and Margaritas (which I got from you.) I need to check out more of her links.

Wanda said...

You might try a patio pedicure!

Thanks for all your positive comments on my blog...


Anonymous said...

I bet it was dances in garden...that's where I remember it.


Rosy said...

Your too funny today...I can also relate to living next door to a freeway and at how everything including my car nevers looks clean!

Thanks for the link, and I will try not to let my words slip out of my mouth where I found this link at. lol

If you want to use any of my photos for your art work, just let me know which one you stole I mean let me know when you post your art so I can see the finishing results too.

Have a good weekend!