Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can The Supreme Court Be Bought Off?

It sure seems so.

So, the big oil company kept appealing and appealing until the courts let them off with barely a tap on the wrist. What the hell is going on... there is no justice!! There's only GREED!

Remember the Exxon oil spill in Alaska in, I think, 1989? Remember seeing the pictures of birds buried in gobs of oil? The rocks buried in oil. The water like thick blood. This because the self-admitted alcoholic captain was asleep at the wheel. The community/fishermen who lost their only livelihood was awarded a settlement in the billions of dollars by lower courts. Now the Supreme Court has stated that Exxon needs only pay $500 million. The reporter stated that it worked out to $15,000 to each fisherman. WTF... $15,000?!?! And these oil companies make BILLION of dollars profit in three months. I repeat.... WTF????!!!!!!

All I can do is shake my head in stunned amazement. Typically I would be angry as hell (and I may come to that emotion later) but right now I only shake my head... surprise doesn't even count any more. This kind of thing has been happening all too often over the years. It no longer surprises me. I'm almost speechless.

I wonder what part of the constitution the judges were reviewing. Since the Supreme Court only has the task of making sure things are 'constitutional', I really really want to know. I hope a news source will report on it. If you, reader, know, please share the general highlights in the comments section. I sure would appreciate it.

If I hear anything I'll add a post script.

This so has me shaking my head in wonderment, and not in a good way. Geesh!


cat's momma said...

It's true, isn't it, that there is so much of this sh*t going on ... one thing after another ... that if we got really angry about everything, we'd just end up living an angry life. The deck is stacked in favor of the big money against the hoi palloi just trying to eke out a living and forever wishing there could be fairness this f'd up world.

Wanda said...

I'm usually a great optimist ~~ but I don't think we are going to see justice in our lifetime.


Sandy said...

All about money, always was, always is and those with the biggest bucks wins.

Sue J said...

It would seem that the deeper your pockets the more justice you will receive. There has been an ongoing battle in Australia with the James Hardy Group and their workers who developed asbestosis. When it looked like compensation claims were going to cost them big bucks, they upped sticks and went to the Netherlands. This didn't stop the claims. People were awarded compensation by the courts, but with constant appeals they manage to drag each case out so that the claimant usually dies of mesothelioma before seeing a penny.
BUT, they ARE making sure that the shareholders (really gamblers)don't lose out. It's ALL about greed and money. Makes you sick!!!
The bastards have no morals and no ethics.

BJ said...

It's disgusting and the people at the top need to be held accountable! If you have money, nothing ever happens. I agree with all of's all about GREED!!!!