Sunday, June 22, 2008

How Kewl Is This!! A Plethora of Historic Information

This is from an article on - Its about what was found in a Maryland plantation attic... 400 years of documents!! From big important documents to small notes about everyday items.

"CENTREVILLE, Md. - For four centuries, they were the ultimate pack rats. Now a Maryland family's massive collection of letters, maps and printed bills has surfaced in the attic of a former plantation, providing a firsthand account of life from the 1660s through World War II."

"Historians are used to dealing with political records and military documents," said Adam Goodheart, a history professor at nearby Washington College. "But what they aren't used to is political letters and military documents kept right alongside bills for laundry or directions for building a washing machine."

Goodheart is working with state archivists and a crew of four student interns to collect the documents, which were found stuffed into boxes, barrels and peach baskets."

How juicy is that!! The full article can be found here.


Sandy said...

that is cool, I would have loved to come across those documents.

It pays to be a pack rat, I keep telling myself that anyway.

Wanda said...

Wouldn't that be something to stumble across ~~~ Very KEWL!!

Anonymous said...

A girlfriend of mine found a letter written by Davy Crockett in an old family truck in Texas... She sold it for 4000 dollars...

I just think this sort of thing is interesting...

Miss P