Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It Must Be a Sign

No, I mean a regular sign. The market across the street took down the old sign and put up a new one. It must be all those bags of rice he sells.

The old one comes down.

The new one is up.

Hard to read this far away, huh. I got no zoom... sorry.

It says:
(oriental words)
Fruit Vegetables Meat Seafood Kitchen Ware

It looks nice because its new, but I gotta tell ya I kind of like the old one better. Its like older homes. They look more interesting than newer ones. The signs basically say/said the same thing.

This man/family works hard. The market is open 7 days a week. During the week he/they work about 12 hours a day... maybe a little more if customers keep coming in at closing time. On the weekends its open about 7 hours a day. Always open.

I mentioned the selling of rice above. I'm guessing its rice. A lot of people purchase something that comes in a large white bag and is about as big as a 20+ lb bag of dog food. Most people carry it on their shoulders. He's even delivered it to one of the tenents upstairs, but I couldn't see the writing on the bag so I'm left to guess.

It ticks me off when stupid dumbass thugs keep putting graffi on his building. Or any building (which includes these apts.) He works hard enough as it is then he has to periodically paint the side/front of the building... over, and over, and over..... If the little pricks get caught, nothing really happens to them. Hell, if you kill someone you can bail yourself out in a few hours.

Oh boy... don't let me get started. I just meant to share what a hard worker the owner is and it looks like he must be doing okay since he can afford a new sign. Good for him.

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Sandy said...

I know what you mean about replacing something old with something new, it kind of loses character. That's why I'll never get a face lift..LOL. Don't get me started...

reminds me of a SNL skit where the woman is always saying "Don't get me started"..

Wanda said...

Reminds me of a elderly woman in one of our churches years ago.

They would put graffi on her "White" garage door. Next day she would go out and paint it. They did they over and over, and she painted it over and over, and the police and neighbors could never catch the thugs....

Don't get me started....

Sue J said...

While I can appreciate the talent of some street artists (in the appropriate
place), I can't abide taggers, whose sole aim in life seems to be to deface.
They have no talent and no respect for anyone else - and they are not all young kids either. Some of them are old enough to know better!!! (I sound like my mum) :-)))