Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bird and model

I used ads in a magazine for these two pieces. The parrot is done in watercolor. The portrait is a contour drawing with some color applied.

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Sue J said...

Great pics. Love the contour drawing.

cat's momma said...

Wow! That is a good contoour drawing!! I like the bird too!

Wanda said...

Wow, both are elegant!!! Love that gal...she has personality.

Travelling Goddess said...

Hey Hey Hey!!! Love that gal!!! and she is not for the birds....cause I like the parrott toooo.

Ya know Crusty, I went to an art show on Sunday and there are some artists that will frame small little drawings like that. And that one would look sooooo good!!

By the way, if one clicks on your photo, one can get a good look.

Ilse T.Hable said...

Hi Crusty,
Your line drawings are good, they have have a lot of character! Keep doing them.

Anonymous said...

Love the parrot but that girl with attitude...great!