Monday, April 21, 2008

Do Not Buy This Book

"Colorful Illustrations 93'C" not buy this book. I first saw this message at Casey Toussaint's blog. Apparently someone has stolen illustrations and interviews done by someone else to produce this book. Although my readership is very small, I thought I would also pass the word around. You can read more details from a person who had a lot of their work included in this book. Check it out here.


Sandy said...

I'll go check it out.

I usually get to her site about once a week, ....


Travelling Goddess said...

That is why I took everything off of the website that Cyber M and I were doing...I began to feel very uncomfortable...but, I must not forget to realize that fear could create what I do not want...even though I am a very small po ta to.

It gave me Peace to remove my drawings. Amen.