Thursday, May 01, 2008

May 1st Ramblings

PhotobucketI've got nothing particular to blog about, but that won't stop me. Sometimes I think I'm addicted to feeling my fingers run all over the keyboard.

I tried a couple of contour drawings but I was rushing too much. And I was having difficulty not looking at the paper. I'll be trying again later today.

I caught Boston Legal on TV last night. I enjoy the program but I often miss it. Have they been changing the time/day it runs lately?? I am aware that I enjoy it because of its outrageousness and because they are usually expounding on things that I agree with such as TOTALLY incompetent judges for one. One of the segments last night was about how the people don't pick who is going to be a candidate for president... the delegates do and they aren't legally bound to vote for who the majority wants. It would seem that the primaries are bascially just a poll. However, it does get millions of dollars into the media markets and provides jobs for a while. Our primaries on the west coast rarely matter because the dominate ones have already been identified. But we go through the process anyway. This year it seems we might matter a little.

We've gotten ourselves so screwed up and convoluted. Sigh.

Did ya hear about the Forbes article on incompetent CEOs and how they are rewarded? Quite amazing. This is coming from memory and may not be quotable, but the gist of it is good. In the 80's CEOs were paid about 40 more times than what the worker bees got. Today they make about 433 times more than the workers. Sprint's CEO saw their stock go down 14% and he was rewarded with salary of 400 million dollars or something similar. And when he left the company he got a pension of $84,000 a year FOR LIFE. And you know who pays for it all, right? Yeah.

The bridge that collapsed in the midwest.... it was a result of wasteful management of our monies. Pet projects is the term used. Millions and millions of dollars going for a bridge to nowhere (50 residents) in Alaska. Each bill needs to be its own separate item and not stuffed into other bills. We need line item vetoes. We need a miracle.

Greed is bring our country and the world to its knees.... and worse. It may all boil down to greed.


Sandy said...

Oh yea! It does boil down to greed.


Travelling Goddess said...

It blows my mind what these CEO's make....and it is appalling to me that they are the ones that decided what their salaries should be......cause the "Broad" pats their pockets toooooo with our money.

Travelling Goddess said...

******I tried a couple of contour drawings but I was rushing too much. And I was having difficulty not looking at the paper. I'll be trying again later today. *********

Ya can look at the paper.....ya can not lift the pen off the paper and ya can not go across the paper with your pen.....then again, I have read of contour drawings with out looking...sooooo I shall keep thy mouth shut.......hahahahaha

Sandy said...

okay I'm understanding it more after reading this..ya can't lift your pen off the paper, but can you look ...that's what I'm confused about..