Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just Another Day

I went grocery shopping today. Man, was that discount grocery store packed!! The parking lot was full, but when I came back out an hour later there were parking places all over. Go figure.

I also make a stop at the dollar store but kept myself in check. I just got what I needed. I tell ya, life just doesn't get any more exciting than this!

We have a ghost forest on our coast. There are stumps of ancient trees showing up in the waves at low tide. Apparently the tree stumps had been buried under sand, but the sand is now getting washed away enough for the trees to show up. (I tried to find a story about them on the news site, but was unsuccessful. Perhaps it was just a filler story or something.) Someone they interviewed said they thought maybe there had been a substantial Tsunami (sp?) a long time ago that broke the trees off and carried the sand over the stumps. Sounds logical to me.

We're still rainy and cold here but this weekend its suppose to get up to 70 degrees on Saturday. I hope the weather folks are right. We need to dry out. We've got too much moss growing on everything. The rain today feels like a spring rain. That's a good sign.

Just a day in the life of.....



Sandy said...

Hi...ghost forest..that sounds really interesting. I wonder if it was because of the tsunami.

Dollar stores are a favorite of mine but I too, stay out of them or ..try to buy just what I need.

We're warming up to the 90's by the weekend.

have a good one!


cat's momma said...

She's got her purse and is on her way to the Dollar Store. She looks blissed out...hahaha

Wanda said...

I couln't believe how much I loved the discout grocery store in Tahoe when we found it last time. Raleys had a block of cheese for $4.99 and Discount store, $1.79!! Wish we had found it years ago. When we get moved ~~~ I'm looking for one near me~ Already know where the Dollar store is, and my favorite thrift store.

I'm looking forward to a "smaller" home to clean and decorate.
Love the capture you got of me in photo...I just love that green blouse, and didn't my hair turn out cute today!!


caseytoussaint said...

Great drawing! I love your style.