Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A2Z Project - Letter S

I'm stretching it this week. The letter S is for stew. That's right, stew.

I didn't take a photo of all the ingredients before hand... I didn't realize until after the fact that this would be my letter S. Anyway, I got a package of stew meat yesterday that was just the right amount and the right price. It was in the bin for the BUY-IT-NOW itmes.

Here is the stew as it cooked:

I forgot to take a done picture, but here's a photo of the leftovers. It was good.

And here it is all gone. Two meals and a couple of snacks.

Stew was perfect for the weather. We are back to cold weather. Cold, at least, for April. So comfort food was a perfect choice. Ya just don't get this excitment everywhere!
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Sandy said...

well that was creative!

cat's momma said...

Creative and tasty looking!