Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Visitation... of sorts

When my friends, Rod and Penny, read about my problems with the pc I was/am using they offered me their extra pc. YaHoo! They didn't have to offer twice, that's fer sure.

They live about 85 miles away and yesterday they had to come into the city so they dropped it off. Here are my benefactors. Don't they make a handsome couple?

It was fun seeing them again. (Penny has gorgeous skin. Whenever I read a description saying someone had porcelain skin I know exactly what they mean.)

Here's the pc they dropped off (with two keyboards).
I'm currently using a card table and I don't think it will hold up under this monitor, so next week I'm going to go get a sturdier table. Then I'll be able to set it up. In the mean time I admire it as I sit on the couch. And between now and then I will be saving all the bookmarks I've saved so I can put them on the new pc. (I copy the links and then send myself an email with them.)

Penny was interested in the rooster painting I did for the letter R, so she was able to pick it up along with another rooster I had done last year using markers. She posted a picture of one of them (made last year) that she framed. Its quite a thrill to see something I made all framed up and hanging on someone else's wall. I think its a first for me.

So... Thank you, Rod and Penny. You're very generous and kind and I so appreciate everything.
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Sandy said...

How great that they brought that to you!! I bet you can't wait to use it.

Now, I'm off to see the rooster framed.


BJ said...

Aw......that was so nice of them to bring you another computer! What great friends they are.

And I'm off to see the rooster framed too. That was a great looking rooster.

cat's momma said...

Good picture of them together...and I'm really happy that they brought you another computer. I hope this one stays healthy for many years. I'll go check out the roosters.