Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its Sunday

Like the title? Its so darn original, isn't it. It is evidence of my creative ability today.

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Kind of says it all.....

I was reading some blogs this morning and once again a lesson in the power of the pen was demonstrated. I came across a blogger who seems to have very strong feelings about illegal immigrants. Strong negative feelings. I left her blog feeling very negative myself. Will this lesson for me stick this time? I don't know but it has caused me to temper my writeup about it. An ironic twist is that this person's last name is Slavic in nature, which would indicate immigration. Warning...opinion coming: her art is sick and twisted, too. Shudder.

We had rain yesterday. (yes, I have to talk about the weather in order to have something to say.) Today is sunny.

Saturdays I watch the BBC's comedies on the public channel since that is the best of the choices available. Up to this time I was not particularly impressed with the programs. Part of it could be a result of different cultures, but now I see it might be because of weak writing. Up until this time I was watching the last in the various series and we all know how a good comedy can peter out at the end of its lifetime. Last night I found myself laughing out loud several times. I think its because they have started showing the series of episodes all over again and the programs and writing is fresh and funny.

I find myself having the responsibility of a living thing... again. A plant. I made the mistake of saying to one of my friends that I thought I might be getting close to being ready to have a plant and I might be asking for a cutting soon. Before I knew what happened I was standing there with a very healthy mid-size plant in my hand. I've had it for little more than a week and there is a yellow leaf on it. Sigh. Maybe it was from the environment move... maybe not. I'll have to wait and see. Wish, wish the plant luck and good care.


sandy said...

Oh come on Ms. Crone, one yellow left does not a dying plant make. It's probably a little shocked and just talk to it and baby it. They love music, but you know that, our generation learned all about how plants respond to music.

It will be interesting to see how the protests go tomorrow. I'm curious if my husband will have trouble commuting to work, into LA.

I like the gas station sign, too funny.

Speaking of plants, I spent the whole day out in the yard. Bought lots of new plants and got about half of them planted.

And i'm outta steam.

sandy said...

oops don't know how to the above post it should say yellow leaf, not yellow left.