Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A vent... and I'm sputtering

I just received an email from a friend. Its one of what I call 'manual viruses'... an email that contains instructions to send it on to four or seven or ten other people and good fortune will smile on the sender within four days. If its not sent on, then doom and destruction will come to that one who broke the chain. Well, bullshit. I NEVER send these things on and I'm still here and nothing has happened to me.

This last one I received, as with most of the others, is Christian in nature touting that God will bless me if I send out an email. But this one is more offensive to me because it says if I don't send it on to other people someone I love will die. Yes. That's right.... DIE. WTF?!

Is the term 'extortion' familiar to you? Christian extortion?

Perhaps I should send my friend a reply saying "Its been nice knowing you. Go with God" since I'm not sending the email on to others and my friend could be the "loved one" that dies. If I was mean, that's what I'd do... but I'm not mean enough for that. And mainly its because my friend is so superstitous it would turn her into a wreck. She'd probably unconsciously walk in front of a bus because of her crazy beliefs.

If "my" God kills someone because I didn't send out an email, then let me raise my hand to volunteer to be the one to die. Fortunately, this doesn't reflect the actions of all Christians.

Brain people, Brain. You have one... why not use it.

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