Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How about a cottage tour?

I came across an article from Cottage Living magazine about artist Lynn Hanson and how she's renovated her California beach cottage to accommodate her and a studio. I thought others might like to take a look too.


sandy said...

Oh wow, I took a quick tour but plan to go back for more eye candy. This looks heavenly. I love everything and her bedroom just feels like you would never want to crawl out of bed.

I really enjoy visiting garden blogs also. There's nothing like getting a peek at what people are up to.

For 800 square feet, she certainly has a wonderful place.

I think everybody, should have a place like this to escape to and create.

thanks for the link.

Leanne said...

Hey you! Wanted to stop over and see how you've been doing! I hope you're enjoying spring. :)