Thursday, April 13, 2006

Symptom free....

...for two whole days!!

Two weeks ago I watched "mom's" (my youngest daughter) wee one for a few hours. He, of course, had a cold. He always has a cold. In fact I can't remember when or if I've ever seen him without a cold.
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After feeding him something messy I began to gather up the stuff off the coffee table and I slapped the spoon into my mouth. My hands were full. As soon as I did that I froze. "Oh man.... I shouldn't have done that!"

After two days, my eyes started feeling scratchy, my nose began to run, and coughing and sneezing ensued. It took a full seven days before the symptoms began to subside. Just in time for the wee one's birthday party.

At the birthday party, 'mom's' first born had his own cold going... one of those real messy ones. Yuck.
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I reminded myself that I just needed to make sure to not to put anything in my mouth or rub my eyes or nose without washing my hands first. Did that work? I don't know. Darius insisted I share his Sugar Daddy with him. And I mean INSISTED.

Picture a two year old sitting on my chest, holding my nose closed so I was forced to breath through my mouth... and the contaminated Sugar Daddy was firmly inserted into mouth. "Here gra-ma, Here!"

Now he may not have been sitting on my chest, but he was that insistent. And I'm such a push over (he wouldn't let me go!!) that I surcome to the sharing. And just to make sure I was shared upon good, he brought another sucker for me to taste.

Since the first cold was just waning I wondered if the second group of cold germs would become confused and think they were part of the first group... you know, the group that was just leaving. But Noooooooooo.... Apparently the germs know they are the second coming. I am now sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose. Sigh. Working on my second box of tissue.

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