Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It must have been lack of oxygen....

... lack of oxygen to the brain. You know, all the blood flowing else where. What else could explain the utter stupidity of the fourth ranking official in the public affairs office of Homeland Security. Was this position filled as a policial payoff? A 'good ole boy' payoff? These are the "competent" people running the show, people. I'm scared... I am very very scared.

And what is this with the male species?!? The internet is certainly illuminating by giving a glimpse of how many sexual deviates there are... and they are EVERWHERE. Its overwhelming at times. Scary.

Is the internet promoting the activity... or just exposing it? I suspect it is just exposing it.

I wonder if the species will ever be fully civilized. I have big doubts, big doubts indeed.

Damn. One of my high priority goals is to release all judgment. Oh man, do I ever have a lot to work on with that one. (I ain't doing too good with my other goals, either... but I keep plugging along.)

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