Friday, July 03, 2009

Crime Fighter

Crime fighter, that's me. I don't have a cape or spandex shorts right now, but I think I could find a couple of metal bracelets if I looked for them good enough.

It was about 5am. It was light outside, but the sun had not risen yet. I guess you could say it was "by dawn's early light." I had just silently stepped out of my door to have my first cigarette of the day. One more child can have a medical procedure, but I digress. I leaned up against the building and glanced around. There, coming around the fence along the lot next to us, was a tall man dressed all in black. It was too far away to see faces. He stopped as soon as he saw me...then turned and walked back around the fence. (Its a fence that goes around another property and one side of it is up against the lot next to us.)

My first thoughts as this all happened were...

Who is THAT! followed by "Now that's odd. I wonder what he was up to...hmmmm."

I think I figured it out by the end of the cigarette. Folks in another apartment had locked up a small bike to one of the stair posts. I think the guy was going to rip off the bike... until he saw me. I'm guessing a crackhead. And he probably had not yet noticed the huge logging chain and lock on it.

So once again, I foiled a crime. And me without a cape!


Rudee said...

Thank you for keeping the neighborhoods safe. Who knew smoking had any benefits?

cat's momma said...

If I could sew, I'm make you a deserve it, crime fighter!!

Wanda said...

Oh CC ~~ I'm in the middle of a novel called The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency ~~~ You would fit in perfectly. I can see you as the neighborhood PI.


Brenda said...

Well done my friend! I think you scared the no good off and sent him on his way. You deserve a nice cape!

Sandy said...

I want you in my neighborhood...come and smoke here anytime. ha.