Monday, July 20, 2009

Summertime Fun

This is the scene of the crime:
A trampoline at 'mom's' best friend's house. The netting around it is definitely a safety feature, but one shouldn't get too laxed in their ways. The friend's youngest daughter (few months older than Vyron) managed to break her arm. See the ledge around the trampoline? That's where she was sitting when Darius bounced into the netting and knocked her to the ground. She has a pink cast on her right arm now. And she seemed to like the pain meds. Her mother said she would wake up in the middle of the night and call to her. "Mommy, I need some more meds. My arm hurts." Then all would be well once again in Happyville.

Not to be outdone, her older sister (perhaps six or seven) had been riding a boys bike learning how to do trick rides. "Look at me! Look at me! I can stand up on the bar!!" Wanna guess what happened next? What? Too easy? Well, maybe. She slipped and her private parts slammed right onto the bar. She had to have a few stitches done. And you know what the saddest part of this particular event was? The fear that the hospital staff would report the incident as sexual abuse. Its a witch hunt out there! (needless to say there won't be a picture of her injuries.)

This is just Darius showing off his sweat. He was playing so hard his entire body was wet and his hair was in little ringlets. No injuries, though. Well, not if you don't count that he was the one that bumped into the girl with the broken arm.

And the last of the injuries during this week long period of time brings us to Vyron. I don't have a photo of his injury because I don't want to be reminded of it. It makes me shudder.
He got his thumb closed in a car door. OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! His poor little thumb stayed tender... its still tender even though its been about two weeks. It looks like his nail is going to fall off, too. (shudder shudder) It makes me creepy just thinking about it. Poor little guy. Besides, it brings up memories of my own fingers getting shut in car doors. Does that happen to every child?
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Rudee said...

I've tried to lose my own left index finger on three separate occasions: garage door, car door, hydrolic door at work. Owie doesn't begin to cover the extend of the pain. I still have no sensation across one part where I must have severed a nerve that never regenerated.

I suggest you wrap the kids in bubble wrap for the rest of the summer.

Brenda said...

I accidentally slammed the car door on my daughter's hand one time. I felt like such a bad Mom.
I wonder if those nets for safety on the trampolines are more dangerous because they may give a false sense of safety. Not sure...just thinking out loud.

The Travelling Crone said...


Reminds me of the days when my own son, fell out of a tree and hurt his butt very badly and we took him to the hospital...then he and his sister were fool'n around and he broke his wrist...then to top it all off, he had his head hit with a baseball.....needless to say....back to hospital we went and THAT time the hospital would not let me go with him in the examination room and they stripped him!!!

Yup, they were look'n for child abuse...thank God all went well!! But, I remember being sooooooo angry with the hospital at the time. But, they were do'n the correct thing.

Travelling Goddess

cat's momma said...

Ooooooooooooo-UCH!!! Too many injuries! The finger in the car door creeps me out just thinking of it too!

Sandy said...

Oh wow,....poor little girl...and her sis, ouch ouch. I remember doing that and the door slam on the finger, scream!! We had a trampoline for the kids back in the day when they didn't have those safety net things as far as I know. Sam got a concussion on one, coming down on one of his brother's knees. Knocked him out silly and had a hard time doing reasoning and analytic stuff for awhile. He was in 6th grade I think. At one time J had two broken arms, one on each side and Sam had a broken wrist. Sam clobbered J with his wrist in the cast then John got a black eye and broken nose. It was getting embarrassing to take them to the doc.

The Crusty Crone said...

wow... I really lucked out with my kids when they were younger. No broken bones with the first four, or gashes, etc. My last child did get a fractured arm, but it was on the day care's watch, not mine. Sandy, I don't know how you survived four boys!!!!

(Although when the kids would reminise (sp?) about childhood at Christmas, they scared the crap outta me. Its a wonder one of them wasn't killed. Throwing knifes and scissors at each other. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.)

Sandy said...

hahhaaha, mentally I didn't survive it and they were wild boys too, except for the oldest. The three younger ones, were ALWAYS into stuff especially that was dangerous or illegal, ha.