Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clearly I Have Nothing to Say

 Some electricians were just hanging around the other day.
 A neighbor is growing parsley. I liked the shadows.
 And I'm ending with a bowl of summer.

(I'm sitting by the open window just a few minutes before 8am and I keep smelling vapor rub. ?? Weird.)
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Sandy said...

Vapor Rub? Okay it's either a plant (eucalyptus tree maybe) or you have a sick ghost. My ghost smells like camphor.

Rosy said...

Sounds like the kids are just having fun being kids with all of the little sorts of bumps, thumps and more that always tend to be part of being just a kid, come to think of it, I doubt my boyfriend has yet manage to hit adult hood cause he just smashed his thumb in the car door again the second time around even!

Vapor Rub you say? Well at least that would smell much better than spending a morning sipping coffee while smelling Ben-Gay! Eeeeuuuuue I hate the smell of that stuff any time of day. Those cherries surely looks some chance you wouldn't happen to any more would ya? lol