Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is this, an obituary?!

No, its not an obituary column. Not yet, anyway. Its just that I want to acknowledge another passing. I'm not sure why, but perhaps its because it is so unexpected.

Do you know who I mean when I say Billy Mays? Does the name sound familiar? Did someone's image pop into your mind? I'm talking about the pitchman for OxiClean and other infomercial products. You know, the energetic, loud man with the fake black beard. (it looks fake to me ??) He was found dead and there are no apparent reasons for it. He was 50 yrs old.

It was reported that he had said he wasn't feeling well the night before being found. It was also reported that he had a fairly rough airplane landing and got hit on the head by something. (upon landing the plane's tire blew.)

Well that just made me jump to conclusions... like ?? Richardson's passing. Remember? She, the actress, bumped her head while skiing and died later. Is it the same cause of death? (Update: I put ?? for Richardson's first name because I'm not sure I had the correct one earlier. Sorry.)

I just stopped to ask myself WTF? Why all this reporting on death? I'm not sure. At first I thought it was to acknowledge his passing because it may not be widely reported... but I think most of us know who he was. Now I'm conjuring up other possible reasons.

First, the obvious... Love the ones you're with because you may not be with them as long as you think. (I'm paraphrasing something.)

Second, Pay attention. YOU may not be here as long as you think. (notice how I excluded myself?)

Third, is this a sign? Am I prepping myself? I say this only because I watched part of the movie Bruce Almighty where Bruce is praying for a sign. As he's driving along and praying, he's passing by all kinds of signs. Stop, Curves Ahead, etc. And he doesn't connect.

Fourth, I dunno what comes next. That's for you to fill in.

It feels like I'm done with obituary reporting now. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and there's some rose buds waiting to be picked.


Rudee said...

I'm betting that Billy's death will be due to a head injury, just like Richardson's. It's sad.

I always look at the signs and see many that I know are sent my way. I know I was sent to rescue that little dog on Friday night. I don't question it anymore. I just go where I'm told. Ha.

Last week, after a particularly crappy day at home and a dose of dealing with personal problems, I was sent to take care of the most delightful couple. He was dying. She was devoted. They were delightful. And, they were sent to me to ameliorate an absolutely horrific day. No, I'm not kooky, I'm open.

Wanda said...

I'm thinking the same thing too. Those head injuries. I was shocked when I saw the Billy had died. First I thought, some chemical from all his cleaning products... So much sadness right now...

You are right, CC enjoy those we love, and be ready to go when the time comes.

Love and Hugs

The Crusty Crone said...

Thank you both for the comments.

Rudee, I know what you mean about things being sent one's way. Its taken me a long time but I finally understand that if I come into some extra money I should just hold on to it because someone will come along that needs it. (insert a Charlie Brown kind of look) Every once in a while the person turns out to be me.

Sandy said...

Just waving hi! Had a minute to visit blogs tonight and comment.