Friday, July 17, 2009

One of Our New Politically Correct Phrases

"Portion Control"

Instead of saying "HEY! You're eating too much!!!" you can now say "Oh sweetie... you need to watch your portion control, bless your little heart." Its one of the new marketing phrases.

Last week we had a grey and misty/rainy day and I decided to fix some pinto beans while the weather was appropriate (as apposed to now when we are in the 90 degree range). As I waited for the pot to boil I glanced over the product information section on the package. The bag of beans contained 13 servings. I looked at the bag of beans. I looked at the bowl. "I don't think so."

I then checked out 'serving size'.... a serving of pinto beans (dry) is 1/4 cup. (00)

This is approximately 1/4 a cup of beans as the crow flies. (I don't have anything that measures 1/4... this measuring cup starts at 1/2 a cup, so I guessimated by sight.)

This is what 1/4 of a cup of dry beans looks like in a bowl. (For scientific purposes of measurement, I used a striped bowl. Please note color and size of stripe where beans end for later visual referencing.)

This is a bowl showing what a "wet" serving of beans would be... 1/2 a cup of beans. One laddle full. Is this a 'regular' serving for you? Am I outta touch? My serving would be a full bowl of chili. Then seconds.

It feels like a lie. False advertising. The bag of beans said the calorie count was something like 110 calories a serving. Well yeah! When a serving is half a cup.

"Hey, George. Lets promote this product as "reduced calories".... we just need to alter the package and make the serving size smaller. Easy Peasy!"
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Rudee said...

No bean insecurity going on at your house, is there? I agree, one half cup would be a tasting, not a serving.

Wanda said...

Oh I love your bean post, and I love pinto and chili beans. Let's see, I use a bag of pinto beans, soak them, put them in the crock pot.... and wala.. I have a crock pot of beans. Don and me and Aunt Trula across the street take care of it nicely... with a big red onion, and a pan of cornbread.
Excuse me.... "portions" not when it comes to beans!!!!

Loved your iced coffee too. Yeah, I bought cheap coffee.....after one pot, it's still in the freezer.

Cute pictures of the boys....


Sandy said...

hahaha, that wouldn't even work as an appetizer for me! Great always.