Monday, July 13, 2009

Are You a Coffee Snob?

 I don't consider myself a coffee snob, especially since there are so many coffees out there that I have not tried. However, I have spoiled myself and I do not like the massed produced cheap coffee. In the picture you will notice two different bags of coffee. This is a warning. Just because coffee is in a bag it does not mean its good tasting coffee. The Tully coffee SUCKS! Clearly they have used nothing but the cheapest of beans and didn't give a damn about the roasting. Tully coffee tastes like the kind that you pay $3 and get 50 pounds of it. I caved on getting Tully because it was on sale and at the time I was counting pennies. It was buy one, get one free. But as you can see, I quickly replaced the yucky stuff with something better. The Tully coffee will now be put up as emergency rations.

 I made myself a treat this morning.... iced mocha coffee. And to make sure it felt like a treat, I used a plastic cup. (hahaha... "ohhhh a plastic cup! What a treat that is!!") My daughter left the cup here and I kept it around just so I could fix an iced mocha and pretend I bought it. You know what the pathetic part of all this is.... its that I'm pretending with just myself. No one else will see it. Yet here I am, sharing this information. I gotta get out more.

The final product looks yummy. One thing about an iced sure goes down quickly! I think this might be my final 'pretend' with a plastic cup. I'm going to be sticking with a tall glass next time. No sense in putting on airs.
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Rudee said...

OMG! You are so stinking funny. I am a coffee snob too. I don't splurge on too much more than my coffee and my yarn, and dammit, they will be good.

Rosy said...

And to think you didn't even care to share some of that with us. lol

I hate that too, thinking one is getting a good deal when low on cash and only come home to find out you been robbed all of what is left of your pocket change with some dirt cheap product.

Thanks for the tip, I'll keep my eye open for that Tully's coffee even though I never heard of it before let alone ever seen it at any of our markets here.

Oh this is just great. It is going on 1 AM and now I am in the mood for some fresh brew Chocolate Rasberry coffee and I got to get up in the morning.

Brenda said...

Hahah....that was funny. I am not too much of a coffee snob because I only drink one cup a day. Some days more. But I do HAVE to have that one cup. Not sure why that is. I used to get a headache if I didn't drink coffee in the morning.
My husband really likes starbucks.
I tried McDonalds ice coffee and did not like it...the new one. So maybe I am a snob of coffee. Ha...

The Crusty Crone said...

oooouuuu chocolate raspberry. That sounds like a shake!!

oh, and Brenda... I'm afraid you may be a snob. Its not quantity, but quality that makes us who we are. hahahaha

(And just as a friendly reminder, my "review" of Dunkin Donuts coffee in a bag was bad, too.)

Sandy said...

HAHAHAHAH, this was funny.