Friday, July 31, 2009

Julie & Julia, the movie

I tracked her down. Well, actually I tracked her blog down, the blog that spawned the book and then the movie "Julie & Julia." Along the way I read a blogger's review of the movie. It sounds like a must-see.

You can read it (the blog) here.

Its amazing how so many people have become successful and/or have whole new careers now because of the internet. So many talented people! What's up with that?

PS... my bad. I just went to the beginning of Julie's blog to start reading from there. Apparently the book came first, then the blog. I don't know what order the movie comes into play. Actually, I don't know how accurate anything is. You know Hollywood. Hard to separate fact from hype, especially if you're speed reading. PPS... or maybe there was another blog in the beginning. ? You know what? Lets just say this entry could be totally fabricated. I don't know anything.
PPPS... I think I might have found the original food blog. To manuever around the blog, use the calendar on the sidebar. This may be more than you want to deal with, I know, but I was pleased that I finally found it. The blog link was hidden on her sidebar. Can't fool me. For long. I think.


Sandy said...

I was just talking to M about the movie today and I really want to see it, I'll check out the link when I get back from a walk, thanks!

Rosy said...

I never even ever heard of this movie or the book! Gee I must be in la la land or
So now I need to go check this out to see what this is all about. thanks.