Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had an impromptu sleepover the other night. 'Mom' and the boys stopped by to drop something off. It was late. The boys were already in their pj's and looked all clean, fresh, and innocent as boys their age are wont to appear. Vyron caught me at a weak moment and charmed me. (Its not a difficult task.)

"gamma, can I stay with you? Pleassssseeeeeee" with head cocked to one side, eyes looking up at me between dark lashes, smile playing on the lips. Damn. I dare a gramma to say no to that pressure!! I caved, okay? It took only a second. Sigh.

The boys were perfect that evening. Sweet young things that were actually doing what I asked them to do!! "No, put the screwdriver back in the drawer. There's nothing to take apart tonight." These are the short lived moments that keep hope for future generations alive. When will we learn?

The next day started off alright but progressed downward, as far as Darius goes anyway. Nothing out of bounds, mind you, but just not as sweet as the night before. I guess it might be akin to an evening out. By the end of the evening and the end of the alcohol, magic is in the air and you are surrounded by royalty. The next morning the magic has turned into a dank, smoke-filled room and there's an ugly toad sleeping on the floor. I think Darius was simply getting bored. These are the times that make me dream of the fairy tale. A fairy tale where young children could go outside by themselves (after a certain age, of course) and play until they were called to lunch. Sigh. Norman big tease!!
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Brenda said...

Ha...either my memory is foggy or I do remember days when we disappeared all day and parents never worried.
Boys, I think are harder to keep entertained and they do bore easily.

Sandy said...

I so relate to this, the first night, sweet and loving, the second day, back to normal....whiney, wanting to go somewhere, has to eat out in a restaurant, yada yada...

fun post, enjoyed reading it and the link above was cool, thanks.

cat's momma said...

I also enjoyed the link...very colorful and interesting doodles! I loved reading about the boys' overnight have a way with words, ya know.

Rudee said...

They look too sweet to be any trouble at all.

We never stayed in the house-we were gone until the street lights came on, coming back only to use the bathroom or raid the fridge. Those days are long gone.