Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tour of My Art Studio



That's it. A small section of a small kitchen, however, let me give you a formal tour.

To the left is a 3' wall that beyond it drops you off onto the couch and the living area. And the evil TV sucks you in to just one more program. The dark door way behind the painting is the bathroom. Handy. And the doorway beyond beyond is to the bedroom where the pc lurks and winks at me. "I wonder what folks are doing... maybe I should go check just one more time. Maybe someone has posted something within the last 15 minutes."

I'm using a tv tray to hold the butcher tray I'm using for a palette. (I never did find my paper palette pad.) 1' to the right of the tv tray is the stove. 1' to the rear of the chair (which doesn't slide but must be lifted a little to move it) is the kitchen sink. Once I sit down I am imprisoned and its not particularly easy to get out. First I must scoot the tv tray out to the right. Then I can stand up and move the chair back enough to get out. If I'm going to the bedroom I must move the tv tray back towards the chair area so I can get by, and hope my hip doesn't catch the edge of the palette.

My intent this morning was to dedicate today to painting. Its almost 4pm and I have yet to squeeze out any paint. I know if/when I squeeze out some paint (acrylics) I am sentenced to stay there and use it, otherwise it will dry out and be wasted. And I like to take a lot of breaks. 'Step back away from the painting. Step back towards the sound of my voice. Put your hands on the top of your head.' Oh wait... that's from a tv show, Cops. Got carried away for a second. Its the imprisoned thingy.

And all this (keying this entry) is doing is giving me something else to do instead of squeezing a tube. Sigh. I don't know what's wrong... why I procrastinate so much. However, I am feeling some anger build and that's a good thing. It would be good if I got really angry and just slapped paint around. I want to be done with this thing! I want the monkey off my back!!

But wait... its almost 4pm. Time for one of my regular tv shows to come on. I'll squeeze paint after its off. yeah, that's what I'll do.

How is your day going?

Added later: I did squeeze the tube and now I am struggling with getting flesh tones and shadows. Don't they make caucasian flesh tone paint? sigh. Why can't I just say 'no' when asked to paint something for someone else. Crap!
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Wanda said...

I remember this painting when you stated it. It looks great. And I'm looking for a small corner to set up shop too. I was going to paint on the patio table, then it has rained for two days...Oh well!!!

Sandy said...

That was fun Crusty!!! I too, like your painting and maybe someone needs to tie you to that chair so you'll get the monkey off your back sooner than later.

thanks for the tour!!


Sandy said...

At Michaels they have acrylics in the bottles and they have flesh tone.

they are usually by the craft section not the designed art section where they have all the mediums.

a bottle cost like 1.59 or something.

The Crusty Crone said...

Thx for the info, Sandy.

cat's momma said...

This was a fun tour, and it didn't take that long to get around your studio...haha! If I took a picture of my "studio" it would be of my night table next to my bed, me on the bed with a paper or small canvas, whatever medium I'm using would be to the left of me on the bed...and there would be small little hands reaching for everything if "she" happened to find out I was in my studio and was able to get through the door quickly before being caught by her parents.

BJ said...

That was a great tour! CC - you're just keeping it real! I understand that. Good luck with finishing your painting. It looks great so far.

Rosy said...

"Oh I know that feeling why can't we just say no when we are asked to paint something for someone else" lol

And to think I thought I had a little bitty itty art studio in my apartment? Yours is much more smaller than mine.

Sharon said...

Your in good company, Klee painted in his kitchen too!