Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Warning... Political Rant

Ya know what really ticks me off? When I watch the news and some little junior flip is telling me how to save 3 cents. That's not the story I want to hear!! I want to hear how it is that Enron can make $10.9 BILLION profit in three damn months. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???? That's the news story I want to hear, damn it.

And I want to hear how congress is creating some laws to stop this kind of exploitation of the peasants. I want some mandates instituted. I want and expect the government to DO SOMETHING. Especially the Democratic MAJORITY. What the hell are they doing????? Nothing but sitting on their damn asses collecting money from the lobbiest and us stupid tax payers?? They are as bad as the Republicans.... or worse, considering all their lying rhetoric when they were running for re-election. THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!! WE'RE TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT!!!!! We're not going to stand for it anymore!!!

And what the hell is up with so many people voting for Clinton. Gawd, please tell me they are not so frigging stupid as to believe what she is saying. She's a liar, for gawd sake. Both her and her husband lie through their teeth. Helloooooo... don't you remember him swearing in front of us all that he "did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

And now his mate is running from sniper fire, ducking and dodging bullets. Okay, so the first time she told this lie she said she got mixed up and was sleep deprived. Well... if she got mixed up, then where was she when she had to dodge snipper bullets? The arcade? SHE TOLD THIS SAME LIE TWO MORE TIMES!! And do we really want a president who makes these kinds of mistakes when they are sleep deprived? Not me.

But you know what the real kicker is about this particular lie. Did she really think she would get away with it when there were civilians, reporters, and a film crew on this very same trip? Are we really suppose to be that frigging stupid? Well... unfortunately, it would seem that there are plenty that are just that stupid. And what does she have to say about it when questioned? 'Oh well, no big deal.' WTF?!?

Another of the news stories I would like to hear about is all her and hubby's shady business deals. That's what I'd like to hear about instead of how to save a frigging ass penny at the gas pump. Where are those up and coming journalists who would like to make a name for themselves? Get with it, will ya.

And don't think I have purposely left out Obama from this rant. Its just that I am unaware of any mis-steps. Perhaps it comes from him not having as much experience as the other politians... but for me right now, that's a good thing in my book. I just hope those greedy bastards at the top of the pyrimid don't put a hit out on Barack like they did JFK and Bobby when they went after the fat cats.

(And the IRS needs to be revamped so they have don't have so much power. But that's just me.)


cat's momma said...

I hear you and agree with you! I get SO P O'd about this government in so many aspects!

Wanda said...

A lot of insight and wisdom here, CC. Thanks for the comentary.

BJ said...

Right on Sista! I love your rant!

Leanne said...


Travelling Goddess said... true....and do we dare hope that anything will takes at least 2 years for a new president to make changes.....and who will that be????

YES and , AMEN to all that good ole fashion honest truth!!

May it get us somewhere..........

Sandy said...

amen ditto amen..