Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I was pleasantly surprised today. I checked my mail box and there was a card from my daughter who is in Texas. She crafted the card herself which made me smile. These photos suck, but they're the best I could get.

 On the front it says "Sending My Love".

 Inside it says "Thank you for life. Thank you for teaching me to be a good employee. Thank you for my penmanship. These things are invaluable to me. Happy Mothers Day." It made me chuckle... nothing mushy for me. I'm a bit crusty, you see.

 And this last one.. you'll have to take my word for it because this photo is so bad. In the lower left corner she has her 'imprint'. "Tracy's Creations."

Another daughter, Candace, called to wished me Happy Mother's Day, too. Two out of five... not too bad for me.
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cat's momma said...

What a nice surprise for you! I got a surprise today too! When I woke up, Strider had left me a special card. I'll put it at my "scribble" blog tomorrow. It cracked me up.

The Crusty Crone said...

Strider left you a "special" card. (00) uh oh.

Sandy said...


Two out of five, hey that's great!

nice card.

Wanda said...

I love that she thanked you for her penmanship ~~~ that is so important and being a good employee ~~~ Good job Crusty ~~

and two out of five ~~ that good too.