Friday, May 02, 2008

Several Versions

I took a picture of the drawing first, before applying any color. 

I used the backside of a piece of watercolor paper thinking the pen would flow smoother. It did. The watercolor didn't flow quite as smoothly.

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Sandy said...

Okay, I'm inspired from you and Edee, to try this contour stuff. I like it a lot. If I get a chance I'll have to attempt this. So is this where you can't lift the pen off paper once you start...or is that different..

The Crusty Crone said...

My understanding is that you shouldn't look at the paper UNTIL the pen/pencil needs to be put in a different place. (thank goodness there's an "until") Edee's contour drawing method is to not remove the pen from the paper. I think both methods would do, but I can't say for sure what the "official" method should be. (there must be a definition of contour drawing somewhere on the web... if you want to search.)

I like the 'not looking' because it results in plenty 'O surprises!!

Wanda said...

These are "Way Cool"

cat's momma said...

Yes, these are "way cool", as Wanda said. I think I'd like to try it too. I like the "spots" of color in the different areas against the greys.

Rosy said...

I keep learning something new all of the time...and this is a must to try myself to draw without lifing the pen up.

Awesome art.

BJ said...

I like what I see here! Very nicely done.