Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Surprise Visit

 My two favorite boys stopped by for a visit. They, of course, brought 'mom' too. I picked up the camera and they started hamming it up. I couldn't get any good candid shots.

 Vyron seems to have this thing about putting his arms in some kind of dance pose or something. Jazz hands... only it involves his whole arm.

 This is the after effect of Vyron spilling a whole bowl of noodles on the floor. I should have taken a picture of the whole mound but didn't think of it soon enough. Fortunately for them, I stopped worrying about the rug a long time ago. It makes for a more pleasant gramma.

They wanted to spend the night but I wasn't prepared for them and I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow morning. Shopping doesn't go well when they are along. "Put that back. Come back here. Don't squeeze the tomatoes!!" They didn't want to compromise, but since mom and I are bigger, we got our way. They'll come over tomorrow afternoon and spend the night. Mom will pick them up the next evening. That will give us plenty of time to get on each others' nerves.

Now, if you'll excuse me... I've got to go start putting things up and out of the way of little fingers. And go turn out all my lights. When they come over the first thing they do is turn all the lights on... I'm thinking its one way they have a feeling of self-empowerment.

It sure was good seeing them.
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Sandy said...

Oh a sleepover at Gramma's !! How fun for them until you get on their nerves..ha.

Cute cute photos of them...


cat's momma said...

So I tried twice earlier to post a comment under these pictures and it didn't happen. I just wanted to say that the kids are looking happy and CUTE! And I had to laugh at Sandy's comment...until YOU get on THEIR nerves!

Wanda said...

What adorable boys ~~ I got to see my two little ones tonight ~~ took dinner over to my daughters to give her a break.

Love living near them.

Travelling Goddess said...

When does the pillow fight begin??

They are indeed getting cuter all of the time!!!

Hope you are now all recovered from picking this up and that up and then you get to start all over again!!