Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I thought I should put something up just to say 'hey'.

Its been a quiet weekend, although the boys came over Saturday and spent the night. They got their books out and I read a few to them. When Darius curled up next to be and got comfy, I knew it would be an early night for them.

"Time for bed, guys."

"But gramma... the moon isn't out yet!"

I explained summer to them. I got them in bed fairly easily. "Go get in bed now." And they went!! That was another clue as to their level of alertness. Darius gave a few weepy moans just as a token, but by 8pm he was fast asleep. Vyron (the younger one) was asleep by 8:30pm.

The next morning our day started at 5:30am.


Sandy said...

Glad to see you got online, Hope your puter troubles are over.

Rosy said...

ha ha ha sounds lke me and my better half...he is the early bird usually up around 4:AM and allows me to sleep in til 5:AM no matter at what time I go to bed the night before.

Anonymous said...

Dam this summer light it doesnt get dark till 9;30 and its light at 4;30... I miss winter... hehehe

Are you having more computer problems? Is the new one acting up?

Miss p

Wanda said...

Good to see you back. When school is out my two younger grandsons want to come and spend a night or two.

I love reading to the kids. That pretty early to start the day. Mine usually starts at 7:00!

The Crusty Crone said...

Miss P, sometimes the pc is very slow to respond. For a while it was going thru a function/freeze pattern but its getting better. It doesn't seem to like doing more than one thing at a time.

Today I got a 'not enough virtual memory' message and that gave me a clue to follow. I was doing some googling today and I tracked a couple of items on technical forums that has made me think the newest version of AVG (free anti virus software) that I had downloaded two days ago may be a memory hog. Anyway, others are reporting a problem with it. (and as with most "problems" I have learned a few more things about where to go to check on things. Its always good to enhance knowledge.)

I plan to uninstall the software and then re-install it and change some options that I chose the first time. I'm hoping that will help. In any event, I'm getting around fine and the screen is very nice to use... nice and big. I just can't have five sites up at the same time while watching a youtube video. hahaha

Hey, Miss P... would you email me your blog address. I thought I had it in the group I emailed to myself, but it didn't seem to make it.

Hope you are feeling better.

Travelling Goddess said...

Tip toeing in to say hi...and how are the men in your life doing?? the real ones and the ones on the canvas....

The Crusty Crone said...

Hi TG... some things change and some things stay the same. The 'real' men in my life are going to a parade tonight with mom. (The Starlight parade starts our rose festival week and the big Rose Festival Parade ends it next Saturday)

The other four men in my life are still standing there in their pink skin looking much the same. I'm in a better mood now so I hope I'll get finished with them this coming week.

Sue J said...

When my grandson was younger and came to stay overnight he would say, 'Nan, can I watch (whatever) on the telly at 10.00pm?' Me - 'Of course you can!' knowing full well that he could never get past 8.00pm and still be awake. Go with the flow, I say.