Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You Don't Want to Live Here

Why? This state sucks.

There is NO affordable housing. You can spend $1500 a month for rent and you get an old shack. If you're lucky, you might get a tiny little room for $600 a month.

And how wise is this? They are going to add more taxes to the price of cigarettes because those stinky old stupid smokers should pay for the welfare medical program. You know, that program you don't qualify for... yeah, that one. But back to my point... how in the hell are they going to fund it over the years when there are less and less people smoking. Just how far do they think they will be riding this dead horse? If they are going to fund the horribly lacking program with cigarette taxes, then I think every single person who smokes should automatically qualify for coverage. (Of course, "coverage" equates to an asprin and an ace wrap. Once a year.)

The state needs more state troopers. The governor is proposing a tax on car insurance. How do they come up with these ideas? Car insurance pays for state troopers? Sounds weird to me. Shouldn't state income taxes cover this service? I don't get it. And why don't they start taxing the billion dollar businesses? I heard once that PGE paid a $1 in taxes. A frigging ass DOLLAR.

Federal government is still cutting funding all over the place. This, in turn, cuts jobs, which cuts taxes collected, etc. Billions of dollars a day to support the "war"... oh let me not get started. Its all just screwy. Screwy as tourniquet. And about as effective.

Just one more thing before getting off.... IS THERE ANY SUCH THING AS AN HONEST POLITICIAN???!!!?!?! I know... I know... frigging ass fairytale!

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TopChamp said...

Aagh to governments and tax. (tax return time for me and I'm hating it)