Friday, January 05, 2007

Bunch of sickies

Everyone is hacking up a lung or puking up mucus or..... are wearing leaking diapers. Ain't life grand? ("Hey! That's my diaper...go get your own!")

'Mom' is asleep in my bed. The two boys are sleeping at either end of the couch. That leaves me...feeling a little pushed out of my own apartment. Fortunately this is the first time both boys have gotten up and came out to the couch.

Had some screwdrivers yesterday in an attempt to dry up all evidence of this killer cold. It helped a little, but the cold still holds on... I'm just not quite as "moist" as I was yesterday.

'Mom' didn't get her windshield fixed as expected. Crazy ex-boyfriend can't be found. (He said he was ordered by the court to fix the damage he caused.) If it hadn't been for the ex cracking the windshield, 'Mom' and the boys would have been gone a long time ago. And I would have had my apartment back. Sigh.

When my other kids reached 18 they left home and I rarely heard from them. And if I did hear from them, it wasn't a request for money, babysitting, or a place to live. Where did I go wrong? Never mind, don't answer. I went wrong on was July 4th, 1981. That's where I went wrong. Or maybe ten years earlier.

I'm hoping to be able to shower a little later. That would be nice. That would be nice for EVERYONE!

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dd said...

oh now I might be going bonkers...