Monday, January 01, 2007

Watercolor: Lesson-A-Day

 A Christmas present from a friend. She said it fell out of Santa's bag at her place. Whats up with this, Santa?

It includes pre-sketched pictures, basic watercolors, and a nice little watercolor brush. Too bad the paper is "regular" instead of watercolor, but no mind. Oh... and thank God it also includes small pictures of Watercolors by Dennis Pendleton for reference. That helps A LOT!

With the first one I didn't try to get too creative. I just stuck with the basic colors and used them... except for the flesh color. Yes. That's suppose to be a flesh color. Even doing it "plainly", it took a little longer than I had anticipated. Its good to know for future paintings.

There are five paintingsto do a week. Weekends off, I guess. This will give me something to post after my daughter and her boys leave. (They give me so much fodder to write about!!) And it will be interesting to see how they are at the end. (She stops a moment. 'Hey... wait a minute. This is for a whole year. hmmmm.')
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Joanne said...

Flesh color reminds me of a piece of history. In 1962, the company which manufactured crayolas renamed the flesh crayon "peach" to recognize that not everyone's skin color is the same.

How about that?

Anonymous said...

How cool... Don't you just love selfish gifts that are FUN instead of useful?

Glad you got such a great prize, and I want to see ALL OF THE stuff you paint!!!

Please... (smile)


Anonymous said...

Flying Crone is smiling at the fact that you are planning to paint and looks forward to your creative juices flowing.

Leanne said...

Weee! You're painting again! You better plan on sharing. ;)

dd said...



No, I'm envious.

My Joel and Erin got me a beautiful plein air suede thing that holds watercolors and paper. But I gotta draw my own pictures.