Saturday, January 20, 2007

'The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow....'

...Bet Your Bottom Dollar, Tomorrow.'

At least its out for a few hours this morning. Yes, boys and girls... the sun does shine. And the only thing left now is a big lump of dirty snow that was once some snowman's beer belly. A road has been closed for a few hours this am due to ice. There have been some 70 odd cars spin out on it. (Its a bit out of the city proper. On a hill.) But that's it.

I'm here to say "The IRS does have a heart, small though it may be." Since I've had three extra mouths to feed this month I was searching for a way to get my hands on some more money. Yesterday the Universe popped the idea into my head of calling the IRS to see what would happen if a payment was missed. (I'm paying off some back taxes.) Apparently, if your payment record is good, they'll allow a payment to be missed without penalty. Be still my heart.

Having that bit of stress relief felt good.

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