Tuesday, January 02, 2007

With Coffee in hand....

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I sit here with my coffee in hand, or rather on the table next to the keyboard. (I live dangerously.) Its my mocha coffee. I've been lusting after it for a couple of days. Once I released the lust and mumbled skip it! my flavoring came through the door. I can see where I bucked the natural order of things.

1. Expectation. I held an expectation of getting mocha flavoring yesterday. Big No-No. Any time you hold an expectation, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you release all expectations, you are, more often than not, pleasantly surprised. If the 'ship doesn't come in', there is no disappointment because you were not expecting anything. Things I should have learned in kindergarten had I been paying attention.

2. Lust. Dripping saliva in lusty anticipation is just plain messy. And once the lust is over, you look back at it and say "what the hell was I thinking?"

3. Release of desire. You have to release a desire before anything can occur. If you hold on to the desire, it blocks the universe. Having a desire is okay...it tells the universe what you want. You just have to let it go so the vibrations and electro-magnetic pulsations can start their thing.

4. Whine and stomp like a baby! Works most of the time.

On a different note, I have todays photograph of the amaryllis bloom but will post it later. I still need to do my practice painting...my daily-lesson thingy and I want to off load them at the same time. I have until midnight. Must wait for a quiet time when little fingers of curiousity are not up and about.

And why is it so necessary for wee people to struggle against any and everything done for them...for their own good. ("If you don't take a nap, I'm going to explode. This is for your own good...for your health and well being.")

'Mom' left earlier to do some errands, She's dropped Darius off with me because he started whining and crying and wouldn't go to sleep where they were. (the wee one, Vyron has been asleep since they left. Something about cold medication and the movement of the car.) I've had him laying down for a nap for almost two hours. Its getting to be a bit late for a nap (5pm) but he's staying on the couch and I'm not going to tell him to get up. 'Mom' can handle him later.

I think there are two, perhaps three more days and then they should be leaving for California. It will be nice to have my own space back, but I know I will eventually whine a little about them being so far away. I know myself...if I'm being honest with myself.

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cat's momma said...

This was a really cool post...honest and true!