Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Having a Bad Day

If 'mom' and the boys are here for longer than two more days I think I'm going to go outta my frigging ass mind!

And how many frigging times do we have to watch President Ford's funeral services???

And why couldn't blogger just leave things the way they were? Now I have to try two or three times to get in here....and why is google and their associated "accounts" so damn necessary to blog?

I wish I had some alcohol in the house. A gallon of vodka or something. Drugs... I need some kind of drugs to keep from commiting murder or suicide. Both sound very enticing.

Oh... and please don't send me any conciliatory remarks. If I was really contemplating murder or suicide, I wouldn't be talking about it publically. I'm not stupid. I'm just slow.

1 comment:

I Am said...

Well, shoot I wasn't going to stop you I was just going to suggest you do it out side so someone could capture it on their cell phone and spam it all over the news... (grin)...