Sunday, November 29, 2009

To The Cowardly Spammers

To the anonyomous bullshit commenters trashing my blog with your crap.... I curse you and your family. May your house be cursed with abject poverty for three generations. And may your dogs eat from your table while you eat from the gutter. YOU COWARD!!!

And if you're going to post on English speaking blogs, my gawd, at least know the fricking language.


Rudee said...

It may be better if they write in their native tongue. I've had a few Russian comments that even made me blush.

Lord Woman! You know how to curse someone out! THanks for today's laughs.

Wanda said...

Oh CC ~~ I'm laughing for choices of curses.... but I'm totally serious when I say, Yes!!! I have had a few of these on my blog too.

May your curse pass on to my blog and may your blog problems be over soon!


Brenda said...

Well...that's tellin em!

Pennytunes said...

And they have no idea what a Curse from the Crusty Crone feels like… I feel for them, (grin)

Gramma Ann said...

Oh, I totally agree. I hate those spammers. And so many put themselves in the followers thingy, why? I don't know.

Sue J said...

Oooh, remind me not to get on the wrong side of you, or I might be visited by a plague of warts! LOL