Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Its a lucky Friday the 13th for my daughter.

She's often tries to enter call-in contests on the radio but with no luck. She can't say that any more. This past week she has been trying to be the correct number calling in to a show. Today was the last day of the contest and she thought what the hell, I'll give it one last try and she was the tenth caller. Yay. But all that means is that her name gets put in with bunches of others for a random drawing. Hers was the last name to go into the barrel and as luck would have it, her name was pulled. She won a free cell phone and 6 months free service.

She's off getting her certificate for the phone now. She is always struggling to pay her phone bill and now she will have a six month rest period. Plus a little extra money for Christmas... if the money lasts that long.

Saturday was kind of a weird day. Nothing was going smoothly. It was going but its like walking upstream in a river. You get there, but it doesn't flow easily. Even the Upwords game had weird words.

We had a monsoon. Streets temporarily flooding all over the city. It was easy to spot the people who didn't have a clue as to how to drive thru standing water. (Especially the little pricks in big SUVs, god bless their little hearts. Their really tiny little hearts.) As I drove to my friend's place I saw lots of people standing in shin-deep water as they cleared away the drains. What is this.... the tropics??

My friend was a little distracted and feeling weird herself. She had an angio scheduled for this past Tuesday and it was not something she was looking forward to. Conversation was jumpy too.

She had a lovely bouquet of tulips. She buys herself flowers each week.

Because it was a very dark and gloomy day, my friend decided to light a candle. She had a large round 3-wick candle and she couldn't get it lit with a lighter. She needed something long. My friend grabbed some paper and twisted it. I suggested she take the candle in by the kitchen sink and light it there. Then she could toss the burning paper into the sink. "Good idea" she replied... then proceeded to light the candle where it was. As I mentioned, she was distracted.

She came back to the table and turned to look at the candle. This (below) is what she saw.

"Well isn't that a nice blaze" she said.

We then cracked up. A new portable fireplace.

My friend had her angio thingy and it was a walk in the park. No pain to speak of, no horrible procedure. Oh, and all is well. They will do it again later on the other leg.
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Brenda said...

Cool about the cell phone win! Your friend has good taste in flowers. The tulips would perk anyone up at this time of the year. The three wick candle got a little out of wack though. Glad you got a chuckle out of it though. Hope everyone is doing well!

cat's momma said...

Good news for your daughter!! It was nice to read that! In fact, I enjoyed reading all about the weather and your friend and am glad the angio wasn't a difficult procedure.

Sandy said...

Hey great for C, that she won.

And good about your friend and her angio.

Wanda said...

Nothing like the feeling of winning!! Good for her! I enjoyed the candle story and pictures.